Technical Art

Snow Scene

This scene is made in Unreal Engine 4 and consists of several effects. The snow coming from the sky is a simple emitter with small particles, and there’s the fire effect in the campfire which is an emitter that is combined with the smoke effect. The main effect is the shader on the ground which is increasing the ammount of snow during a specific ammount of time.

Ritual Scene

This scene is made in UDK, and is one of my specialization projects at The Game Assembly. I have composed the scene and made the effects and shaders. The Cultist models are made by Diana Berg and rigged by Mattias Kirsten.

Exploding Tank

This is a part of my specialization project at the Game Assembly as a Technical Artist.
This scene is made of particle effects in Unity with firesprites from Autodesk Maya’s fluid fire. The tank is animated in Maya and imported in to Unity.

The tank is made by Jason Ohonowskyj and can be found on
Sound from

Collision Tool

This video shows how my collision tool works in Autodesk Maya. This tool is written in Python and is adapted for our Space Shooter, Cormorant, in the group Tricycle Cavalry, at the school The Game Assembly.

This tool shows that if you have many objects with same name standard, in this case “Asteroid” you can add collision to all “Asteroids” at the same time, and remove if wanted.
The collisions are in the shape of a sphere and are parented to the “Asteroid”objects. In this tool I also added “Create Collision on selected object” which means that you can add collision to any object wanted- and remove.

Improved Search Tool for Maya

A tool I made for a game project in The Game Assembly, using Python in Maya.
It lets you search and select for one or more objects with the name you type in. Also lets you select several objects with the same name standard.