My name is Nina Olsson, I am 35 years old and live in Partille (which is almost Gothenburg, I live 5 minutes from the border!) , Sweden.

I am a highly creative and imaginative woman, with a passion for my work and quickly adapt to new areas. I like creating different sorts of graphics to further develop my skills in both traditional and digital art.

I currently study UX-Design at Yrgo, and am on leave from the company Funkis Multimedia AB, where I work as a Learning Producer in Gothenburg, Sweden.

My former educations were at the Game Assembly (Malmö) as a Technical Artist and from Gamemaker (Arvika) as a 3D Artist.

I also do some freelance work via my own company, Morgis Art & Design.

I am proficient in using Photoshop for all 2D graphics, but have also experience in Illustrator and Sketch. For 3D I mainly use Maya. For VFX I use Unity and UDK, but also XML based programs.

On my free time I paint, play games (computer games, video games, role playing games, Larp,  board games), train historical fencing and go to metal concerts.

I live together with my boyfriend, my baby and my pet rabbit Pikachu.

I sometimes spend time with creating my own game projects, and attend game jams at least twice a year.

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Nina Morgan Olsson
Jennyhillsvägen 5G
433 30

Tel: +46 736328088
E-mail: contact@morgis.se