“Slurpwave” was made at Global Game Jam 2017, during one weekend, in Gothenburg, Sweden. The game was made by a group of 7 people, including myself. This year’s theme was “Waves”, so we decided that the artstyle would be based on 80’s retrowave. The game itself is made to feel like a classic arcade game with neon colours and synth music. The goal of the game is to play together with a friend, co-op, controlling one side each of the cameleont, left and right. You avoid obstacles and bad things and eat candy. Tapping the tounge button makes the tounge much longer so the cameleont can eat more!

Try it out here:

My role in this project was both to organize the group and to make 2D Art for the menus and the items.

titelexempel_2   screenshot_1_Slurp